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Call 111 - When it is less urgent than 999


If you would like to see your doctor or nurse, you can make an appointment by telephoning 020 3668 7499.  Alternatively, you can call in and make an appointment at Reception. If an urgent appointment is required, please tell the Receptionist.  All our doctor appointments are bookable online for your convenience.

Please ask the Receptionist if you want to see a certain GP and she will endeavour to give you an appointment to suit your needs.

We also offer telephone consultations with the GP during surgery hours. We have a number of telephone consultations available to book on line via patient access. Please note that the doctor will call you back sometime that working day up to 10 pm, not at the time specified.  

Our new telephone triage service is very popular with our patients with excellent feedback.

We are currently providing early appointments (from 8 am) for the convenience of our Working Patients on Tuesday and Friday mornings.  Most of these appointments can be booked online from the comfort of your home.

You can also click on the blue banner on our home page and request an e-consultation any time of the day and night, and doctor will call you back on the next working day.

We now have extended hours telephone consultations where the doctors will call you after 18.30 hours in the evening. 

Online Service

You can now book or cancel your appointments, order prescriptions and view your records online at You need to register to obtain your login details.

It is NHS England/Government guidelines that 50% of all Routine GP appointments are available to book on line by April 2020. Please request an on line access form from reception. 

If you or a family member does NOT have internet access, please could you let a receptionist know, so that we can put a note on the medical records. Thank you.

There are emergency appointments bookable online that are released at 8 am and 2 pm. 

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